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[ficlets] dee's birthday present 2014 ♥

# all of the below drabbles and shortfics are written for my favorite Dee’s birthday. Your second birthday with me, it’s only been a year and a bit, but please love unnie until she gets rich, okay ♥ and sorry it’s late for you, but it’s still your birthday here, so i’ll pretend it counts!
# all of them are not beta-ed, you’ve been warned! sorry for any mistakes or typos I missed.

pairing(s)→ suho/kai
prompt→ evanescent: vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.

Jongin had asked once, only once, while Junmyeon was drinking water while standing in front of the kitchen sink, Jongin on the floor stretching his sore legs after a long dance practice. He’d thought, maybe naively, that it had been possible for them. “Do you see an us in five years? Ten?”

Junmyeon had lowered his glass and stared with unreadable eyes, so Jongin had laughed it off and asked about Junmyeon’s visit to his parents. Junmyeon had talked about his mother wanting to meet Jongin and the upcoming Chuseok holiday. They’d gone to bed, Junmyeon curled up against Jongin like always, and it had seemed like nothing changed. He had thought maybe Junmyeon wasn’t ready to answer, or maybe even hadn’t thought of it yet. Sehun’s cautionary words about Junmyeon didn’t suddenly make sense. They were just young, the future was as vast as the skies above them, and Jongin didn’t need an answer, not yet.

He’d never gotten an answer. Junmyeon had given him a goodbye instead and it’d been almost appropriate, that Junmyeon would leave him the same way he met him, like a fleeting dream that felt like it hadn’t been real. All Jongin is left with memories and happiness that had been like the steam from Junmyeon’s long showers, filling every space with warmth, but evaporating just as quickly.

pairing(s)→ suho/kris
prompt→ heisenbergian love: moving fast but you don’t know where it’s going.

junmyeon breathes. he doesn’t know how he’s gotten here. he knows the steps, of course, but he can’t remember how it all went, it’s all a haze. one moment, he’d been arguing with chanyeol for the last piece of cake from kyungsoo’s bakery, and now he’s standing barefoot in the middle of kris’ penthouse in the middle of the night, the white lights casting blue reflections into every corner. junmyeon feels like the lights are passing right through him, he can’t breathe.

“junmyeon? what’s wrong?” kris’ voice is another form of suffocation. junmyeon can’t place it as either good or bad, it’s both. he’d been a kid who’d pretended to be anything but poor, washing his sneakers so they’d look new even when the laces started to come apart and the edges frayed, just like him, and racing with minseok and lu han to beat them to the one free bubble tea from miyoung noona’s shop. lu han almost always won, but then junmyeon had won kris’ heart, and that mattered more than lu han sharing the bubble tea with them anyway, right?

“junmyeon?” kris is hesitant, standing a few feet away from junmyeon. he’s not a stray kitten that will attack if kris comes too close, but junmyeon thinks kris knows that he feels like one right now. what was he even doing? where was he going to go if it wasn’t with kris? “junmyeonnie.”

“am i making a mistake?” junmyeon asks. it’s only been six months. why did kris want him? how had they become so close in too short a time? “kris, what are we doing?”

kris pulls him into a hug so forcefully that junmyeon collides with kris’ chest, letting out a soft ‘oomph,’ before he slides his arms around kris’ waist. it hadn’t felt like a mistake when kris had set a cup of junmyeon’s favorite bubble tea in front of him, lu han and minseok staring up with wide eyes at the tall, handsome stranger who had come out of nowhere, nor when kris had slid an envelope with two tickets to a friendly charity game between lu han and minseok’s favorite soccer team and a Korean team under their door, nor when kris had suggested so gently at the start of their fifth month together, my place is big enough for the two of us, and junmyeon had said yes in kisses, because he hadn’t been able to say no to kris before and he wasn’t going to start anytime soon. it didn’t feel like a mistake, kris’ arms around him and kris’ heartbeat loud in junmyeon’s ear.

junmyeon still didn’t know where he was going, but when kris lets him go, the penthouse lights still reflected blue off the walls, except they no longer made junmyeon think of sadness, only peace, like ocean water at early dawn. kris smiles and junmyeon smiles back – maybe he’d let kris take the lead and show him the way instead.

溺死 (you’re water, not air)
pairing(s)→ lu han/xiumin
prompt→ "It's like drowning, but you just won't fucking die." (unrequited love)

Lu Han thinks if he’d had a choice, he might have met Minseok and fallen in love all over again. He’s stupid like that, usually, when it comes to Minseok. How could he not be, when it meant Minseok would sit beside him and speak in that warm voice of his, smile at him and let him stay by his side?

“Because you really are stupid. Who would willingly do that again?” Yixing asks when Lu Han tells him this. Lu Han scoffs and runs his dirty shoe sole over Yixing’s leg, leaving a line of mud and tiny pieces of pink bubble gum stuck on Yixing’s black jeans, smirking in satisfaction when Yixing makes a face at him. Lu Han’s seen the way Yixing and his girlfriend look at each other. He’d never know what Lu Han feels. Minseok is sitting right across from them, Korean music loud from his ear buds while he taps at his laptop keyboard. Lu Han wishes he could lean over and tug them off, make Minseok look up at him and simply kiss him, but he can’t. He knows he never will be able to.

Minseok pulls out one of his ear buds and leans forward, his arms on the table. He’s lost a little more weight, his wrists even thinner, and Lu Han makes a mental note to himself to bring Minseok something to eat later. When Minseok speaks, his Mandarin accented, Lu Han knows every little nuance of Minseok’s accent enough that he’s likely the only one who understands him without needing a repeat. “Lu Han, what does this word mean?”

Lu Han pulls the laptop towards him and hums when Minseok points out the word. 淹没. Lu Han wants to say ‘it’s what I feel when I’m around you,’ but he smiles instead. Minseok is twisting the ear bud wire around his fingers absentmindedly, attention completely on Lu Han.

“It means drowning,” Lu Han says in Korean before he switches to Mandarin to give Minseok an example sentence. “淹没在深水域.” Yixing stops playing with his phone to look over at Lu Han. It’d always been obvious to anyone but Minseok that Lu Han would do anything for him. Minseok hums in understanding as he carefully writes down the pinyin, looking up at Lu Han every couple of seconds to confirm he’s writing the correct ones. Lu Han ignores Yixing’s eyes on him, smiling at Minseok when he finishes writing the entire sentence correctly.

(The thing Yixing doesn’t understand is that he’d do it again because it’d mean he’d be the one who’d have Minseok’s complete trust, which wasn’t his love, but it was still better than nothing.)

gone away
pairing(s)→ suho/sehun
prompt→ "I wish I could be every little thing you wanted / all the time." (Dishwalla – Every Little Thing)

Sehun realizes how far Junmyeon is from him when he’s standing at the door of their shared bathroom, Junmyeon brushing his teeth with eyes focused straight at the mirror. He’d seen it before and hadn’t thought anything of it. Would Junmyeon really care so much about what’s reflected in the mirror? Sehun sees himself, only himself, when he looks in the mirror, but what did Junmyeon see in his own face?

“Hyung, are you okay?” Sehun asks. Junmyeon seems like he doesn’t hear him, but he spits out the foam and smiles at Sehun, bits of the foam still on his lips. Sehun looks at Junmyeon’s face and tries to see what Junmyeon sees in the mirror – does Junmyeon see the person Sehun loves? Or maybe the face that hundreds of fans loved? Or maybe Junmyeon just sees himself, worn out, exhaustion shown in the pimples and dark eye bags that make-up would cover? Sehun wants to cover the mirror so Junmyeon would look at Sehun instead with the same intensity he’d stared at the mirror and let Sehun tell him what he could see.

“I’m alright, Sehun-ah,” Junmyeon says, but he runs his toothbrush under the tap at the same time he says it, and Sehun watches the foam swirl around the drain before it disappears down it. The words seem to blend in with the noise of the water, like Junmyeon hadn’t said them at all. How had Sehun let Junmyeon slip right away from him, when all he had wanted to be was the person Junmyeon would want, all the time? Junmyeon puts the toothbrush back in the cup and turns off the water, looking up at Sehun tiredly, but Sehun doesn’t want to move. “Hyung… are you really okay?”

Junmyeon stares up at Sehun for a long moment. Silence doesn’t exist in their dorm, Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s loud voices in the room down the hall, a drama playing on the TV that Jongin is probably watching, but Sehun holds his breath. Once upon a time, Junmyeon wouldn’t have been quiet, would have let Sehun hug him and take away the things that were holding him down like weights wrapped around his ankles, would have been happy. They’d both been happy, even though their happiness had to be shared with too many people, it’d be enough for all of them and even more. Junmyeon had showed Sehun how to play the piano on his cellphone, morning light pouring in over them, and had showed Sehun the world was only as big as he wanted it to be. He wanted to show the same to Junmyeon now, that life was only as meaningful as you wanted it to be.

“I’m alright,” Junmyeon repeats, smile turned into a small frown, and Sehun still doesn’t move. He doesn’t want to, he wants to take Junmyeon into his arms and unwrap the burdens. Junmyeon had always done so for him and Sehun wanted to do the same for him, or maybe even more.

Junmyeon shakes his head and slips into the small space beside Sehun. Sehun turns to watch Junmyeon walk down the corridor. Even the way he walked, steps a tiny bit slower, was different and Sehun hadn’t even noticed. He hadn’t tried hard enough, it seemed.

Don’t give me up, Sehun wants to say, but maybe Junmyeon already has.

here, now
pairing(s)→ suho/kris
prompt→ Jimmy Eat World – 23

Yifan hadn’t understood what his parents were thinking when Junmyeon had stepped in, looking like a lost child, skinny, too small to be part of a world that was too ruthless, and stared right at Yifan with open eyes. There was no room for many things in Yifan’s life, especially not regrets, selfishness and love, but Junmyeon had been the first to make room for all of them with the way he’d helped Yifan carefully put up his developed photos on the strings in his darkroom, the way he laughed when Yixing taught him how to play the piano, the way he smiled right before he’d wrapped his slender fingers around Yifan’s wrist, the way he’d cried, hands sticky with raw egg, while Yifan sat in shock, the commotion outside the heavy conference room doors part of another world, and the way Junmyeon had whispered please say you’ll stay with me, and Yifan hadn’t been able to.

He’d been young back then, and he still was, but he’d made too many mistakes to feel young anymore. Sometimes, he looks up his biggest one online, the flash in the pictures making Junmyeon’s eyes sparkle and his smile even brighter, and his heart feels so foreign beating in his chest that he has to turn the tablet over to take a breath. It’d been two years, but it feels like twenty, and Yifan was nowhere closer to closing off the room in his heart that Junmyeon had made.

He sees Junmyeon again on his twenty-third birthday. He’d requested the smallest birthday party they could manage, and the Queen, kind when it mattered most, had made it happen, inviting only Yifan’s closest friends. Junmyeon had always been a friend, maybe Yifan’s closest one, so he supposes it’s only right he also be invited. All of his other friends disperse around the room, because they know him well enough to know when to leave him alone, when Junmyeon and Yifan stand in front of each other. Junmyeon looks the same as he did at eighteen and his voice still calms Yifan like it always had. “I wish I could say I’m only here to wish you happy birthday, Yifan.”

Yifan doesn’t know what he wants to say. How could he tell Junmyeon that he’d wanted him to stay, but he’d never been good with words, even for a crown prince? Junmyeon smiles and it’s the smile Yifan knows as the public smile. It’s not his smile. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Yifan, I asked you back then to stay with me and you didn’t… didn’t want to, but then you spent three years alone. Everyone was waiting for you to find someone and you didn’t… why, Yifan? You don’t want to be alone. I know you don’t.”

Yifan steps forward and takes Junmyeon’s hand. It still feels small, too small for his own big hands, just like it did when Yifan was eighteen and stupid, stupidly in love with Kim Junmyeon, just like he still is now. He doesn’t want to have room for regret in his heart, only love and perhaps a little selfishness. “If it’s not you… I’d rather be alone.”

Junmyeon stares up at Yifan before he smiles, the smile changing his face into the one Yifan thought of on nights when it had been too hard. He’d make Junmyeon happy again. He would.

(He still doesn’t know what his parents were thinking when they chose Junmyeon, but he thanks them silently every day when he wakes up and Junmyeon is beside him again, right where he belongs.)

far enough
pairing(s)→ suho/kris
prompt→ The XX -Angels

“If you’re an angel, please take me,” Yifan whispers to Junmyeon. The hospital sheets are worn, dry from too much washing. Junmyeon adjusts Yifan’s pillow and shakes his head, looking too sad. He looks older when he isn’t smiling. He’d been smiling when Yifan had first met him, right after a check-up. It’d just been a cold. Yifan had come out with the sympathy of a harried, middle-aged doctor, papers filled with medical terms that intensive Korean courses hadn’t taught him, and the true meaning of being alone, and then Junmyeon had sat down on the seat beside Yifan’s and softly said “it’ll be alright,” as if he knew that Yifan had nothing but himself at that moment.

It isn’t fair that Yifan hadn’t met Junmyeon until then. Yifan didn’t believe in miracles, especially not for himself, and he’d never dreamt of angels, but here was one sent to him anyway. He knows Junmyeon won’t be his, the way light shines off him when he passes windows and how he never touches Yifan. He’d known Junmyeon for longer than he expected to live, months of hospital visits and watching Junmyeon play with children in the hospital playground, wondering how nobody had fallen in love with this beautiful man the same way he had.

“You’re tired, Yifan. Go to sleep,” Junmyeon murmurs. Yifan’s eyelids are suddenly heavy, betraying him by listening to Junmyeon’s order, and Yifan tenses when he feels Junmyeon’s lips on his forehead. He relaxes immediately and tries to open his eyes, but Junmyeon presses his hand over Yifan’s eyes. “Don’t open them. I’m sorry.”

Yifan knows then, that he’s right. He’d been right. The nurses and doctors and everyone, everyone, they hadn’t fallen in love with Junmyeon because they couldn’t see him. He was the only one. He laughs, tiredly, and reaches up to grab Junmyeon’s wrist. Junmyeon doesn’t move his hand away from Yifan’s eyes. “I meant it. I’ll go, if it’s with you.”

And he falls asleep, maybe for the last time, but Junmyeon had told him the first time they’d met, ‘it’ll be alright,’ and Yifan still believes it now.

you make sense
pairing(s)→ suho/kris
prompt→ Red - Pieces

The ride to the dormitory is almost as hard as the flight to Canada. Hyunkyun had smiled in front of the fans at the airport, where Kris had stood, tired, the airplane air having sucked any moisture and energy out of him, and led Kris through them, but had been silent as soon as they had closed the van doors. Hyunkyun isn’t any closer to forgiving him than the rest of the members are and Kris doesn’t blame him. Nobody is ready to forgive him, it seems. He’d escaped because he’d been trying to find a breath of air, something they all should have understood, and the feeling that he was being pushed underwater had come back as soon as he’d stepped out into Incheon Airport, the screams of the fans dragging him under and his phone buzzing in his pocket keeping him there.

Junmyeon is the only one who still sends him messages, who even knows that Kris had kept his Korean SIM card and put it in his phone ten minutes before landing, because he’d wanted to find something so badly. The list of messages on his lock screen is all from Junmyeon. Kris replies to the most recent one, home yet?, and wonders if he has any home at all, then replies with a yes, on my way before he turns it off and stuffs it back in his pocket. Junmyeon doesn’t reply anyway.

It’s when Hyunkyun helps him drag his luggage to the door of their dorm and puts in the code that nerves finally get to Kris. He can’t move, his legs refusing to. Inside, it’ll be cold eyes and cold faces and no forgiveness, because apparently he didn’t deserve it, and Kris curls his hands into fists as he stares at the familiar doorway. Minseok’s shoes are the only ones neatly lined up on the side, the rest of the members’ strewn around on the floor, mismatched colors and sizes that Kris knows too well. Hyunkyun glances behind him and frowns when he sees Kris staring at them, setting down the luggage to hold the door open. “Get in.”

I can’t, Kris tries to say, but he only raises his eyes to Hyunkyun’s and swallows. He’d used up all his courage to run away and then come back, he had none left to face anything else. Hyunkyun opens his mouth to say something, but he’s stopped when a too familiar figure steps up quietly behind him and grabs the door handle in his place. Hyunkyun exchanges looks with Junmyeon and lets go, continuing inside with Kris’ things. Kris stares when Junmyeon meets his eyes. His hair is darker, shorter, and it makes him look paler. He looks shorter than Kris remembers, but he hasn’t seen him for so long. He’s waiting for Junmyeon to say that he won’t forgive him either, because he’d done wrong to Junmyeon too, but Junmyeon was still the only one standing right in front of him.

“Welcome home, Yifan.”

And then Junmyeon smiles and Kris thinks of the missed calls from the members and angry messages and then the silence, his phone void of any communication from them, all of them except for Junmyeon, who’d kept trying despite Kris’ resistance and the fight he’d wanted to fight alone, and his legs don’t feel so heavy anymore, so he smiles back and takes a uncertain step forward. He thinks he could find home wherever Junmyeon was, maybe, probably.

Junmyeon opens the door wider and lets Kris back in.

cardiac melting
pairing(s)→ lu han/xiumin, one-sided sehun/lu han
prompt→ Florence + The Machine – Hardest of Hearts

There’s love that Lu Han would have been able to take so easily, Sehun’s everything brightening when Lu Han was anywhere near him, but even though it’s a bit twisted, Lu Han didn’t want to take something that was handed to him so simply. Wasn’t he supposed to go through suffering to earn the love that he was meant to have? It couldn’t have been Sehun.

It could be Minseok, Lu Han knows now. It is Minseok, because Lu Han had wanted suffering and gotten it. He’d found Minseok and hurt Sehun in the process – he’s responsible for the damage he’d done to Sehun, who remains steps behind Lu Han but never beside him, his eyes which had been so bright now dark, and his laughter so much less sincere. Minseok had been every bit as shut off as Sehun had been open, Minseok who knew love, but didn’t want to give it. Minseok’s heart is ice, but ice melts, and Lu Han will burn hot enough to melt it into his. He’s not a bad person, even Sehun would admit to it even now, but he didn’t want what had happened to Sehun to happen to him. Minseok didn’t love anyone else, Lu Han could tell because Minseok never left Lu Han behind, Minseok was always on the seat beside Lu Han’s, Minseok was there, but Minseok also slept with his back to Lu Han, Minseok said so little which didn’t matter, Minseok who let Lu Han say what mattered and didn’t say it back.

“I’ve broken hearts for you, Minseok, but you’re going to break mine instead,” Lu Han murmurs against Minseok’s neck, Minseok’s short nails pressing hard into Lu Han’s skin. Minseok is breathing hard and he lets out a whimper when Lu Han bites at the junction between Minseok’s neck and shoulder. “I love you, you know.”

Minseok moves and lowers himself so that he’s staring right at Lu Han. His eyes shine a lot like Sehun’s had, at first, and it makes Lu Han think that maybe Minseok won’t let his heart melt, because ice melts into water and then Minseok won’t be able to call it his. Lu Han will take it anyway. He wants anything Minseok will give him, it hurts now but when it’s his, it’ll be worth it. “You know, right?”

Minseok does know, because he doesn’t let Lu Han continue, kissing him instead. Lu Han lets him, kissing him back, because ice melts at 0°C but can break at a much lower temperature, and that’s all Lu Han needs.

so much more to say (so let’s say it)
pairing(s)→ suho/kris
prompt→ “Half the time the world is ending / Truth is I am done pretending
Too much time, too long defending / You and I are done pretending" (Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains the Same)

It feels strange to make the world into the tiny space of the dormitory, skies replaced by the ceilings. It’s the quietest Kris has ever heard the dorm, most of the members in their family homes, Lu Han having switched to K’s dorm to replace Junmyeon, who was pacing back and forth, throwing glances at his phone laying on the bed. Kris wants to calm him down, because in here, in the four walls of their room, it doesn’t feel like outside, the world they’d lived in is falling apart. They’d been careful, but it hadn’t mattered, not when they’d been meant to be found.

“Junmyeon,” Kris calls out gently. Junmyeon stops playing with their couple ring to look at Kris, eyes shining. His bangs are getting too long and there’s a hint of black at the roots. He looks like Kris feels, trapped with no escape. But the way he looks at Kris settles Kris’ nerves, because he’s looking at Kris like he’d rather stay here than run away, stay where Kris was. He motions with his hand and Junmyeon sighs before he climbs onto the bed and sits across from Kris, reaching out to play with Kris’ chain instead, a ring just like Junmyeon’s hanging on it. He wants forever if Junmyeon would give it to him. “What are we going to do?”

Junmyeon’s phone is buzzing on the other bed, but it’s face down and neither of them want to see who it is. Kris pulls Junmyeon closer, until he can kiss him, and when he does, Junmyeon places his hands on Kris’ shoulders like he’s the only support Junmyeon has. He breaks the kiss after a moment and shares the air with Junmyeon before Junmyeon speaks again. “Yifan… what is going to happen to us?”

They’d been through too much to give up now, haven’t they? Junmyeon looks beautiful even now, brushing away tears from his cheeks, and he looks scared, but he’s looking at Kris like he’d trust Kris with his life, and right now, that’s exactly what he’s doing. “Let’s stay together. There’s nothing else to do.”

The phone is still buzzing. Junmyeon starts playing with the ring on Kris’ chain again. “I think we can do that.”

Kris laughs in relief, leaning in to press a kiss to Junmyeon’s forehead. Kris’ laptop on the desk is still open on pictures of Kris and Junmyeon kissing in a corner of Chanyeol’s parents’ restaurant, all of them fuzzy and overly brightened, but there’s no mistaking the pair. There’s no chance that things will simply blow over, or that SM’s management would even want to keep them anymore, but Kris had learned how to tough things out until they became better, and this time, he’d learn how to tough it out with Junmyeon. He could do anything if it were for Junmyeon, because everything had changed and he didn’t know what to do, but the only thing that was the same was Junmyeon. “I think we can, too.”

your sunflower
pairing(s)→ girl!suho/kris
prompt→ see the original prompt was kim junhee getting wooed by all the boys, but instead i cried at dee and said i wanted only krishee and as such, the prompt will be five instances kris gets jealous for no good reason and one where it was for a good reason. guest appearances by b.a.p and shinee members, wehehe.


“We should get married,” Kris says suddenly. Junhee sighs and brushes her bare ankle against his own under the table. Daehyun is sitting two tables away, staring at Junhee like he’s locked onto a target, while Youngae calmly eats all of Daehyun’s french fries. Junhee has already told Kris that Daehyun is just an adorable dongsaeng, but Kris chooses to selectively ignore this fact, glaring with furrowed eyebrows like he’s planning to do something to Daehyun. Junhee thinks the most Kris is possible of doing is mutter vaguely threatening curses in English at Daehyun. “Oppa, we said we’d get married after university. Also, getting married doesn’t mean Daehyun will get over his crush on me. Telling him Youngae likes him probably would.”


Kris usually doesn’t get jealous of Junhee’s female friends, or at least he hadn’t until a certain Kim Jongah had become part of their group of friends. Kris remembers the days she’d been nothing but sweet, Yixue introducing her as a student she had been tutoring in Mandarin, but those days hadn’t lasted, Kris thinks with a frown while he watches her plop down beside Junhee and proceed to touch Junhee all over. He’d told Junhee to file for sexual harassment many times, but she’d always laughed him off. Junhee doesn’t bat an eyelash, focused on the assignment she’s reading, and pats Jongah’s knee. “Stop it or else Kris oppa might die from a heart attack.”

“Why do you think I’m doing this? He’s funny,” Jongah whispers mischievously. Junhee bites her bottom lip to keep from laughing when Jongah slides her arms around Junhee’s waist and leans close enough to place her chin on Junhee’s shoulder, Kris spluttering indignantly and making noises of extreme disagreement across from them.


Sometimes when Kris is with Junhee, Kyungmi and Chanyeol at the same time, he isn’t quite sure who to get jealous of. Chanyeol is like a playful pet when he’s with Kris, but when they’re together with Junhee, he turns into a flirt bigger than Baekhyun, which is a notable achievement, and Junhee doesn’t even notice or tell him off because she’s trying everything to get Kyungmi to notice her.

“Kim Junhee! It’s time to go!” Kris says in a very manly voice as he pulls Junhee up. Junhee looks surprised to be interrupted from her attempt to decide on matching hairbands with Kyungmi. Chanyeol bursts out laughing because Kris hadn’t really said it in a very manly voice, but rather, growled it out like he was rapping very badly. Kris glares at him and Junhee waves goodbye to Kyungmi before she follows behind Kris.


There are many people Kris doesn’t like, but one of the few that he really doesn’t like is Choi Minho. Said boy was currently standing at the door of the acting department building, laughing with Junhee like he hadn’t broken her heart two years ago. Kris knows Junhee wouldn’t like it he dragged her away, especially in front of Minho, so he glares from his spot and imagines stabbing Minho with pencils. Hopefully very sharp pencils.

“Hyung, you should at least imagine stabbing him with a knife,” Baekhyun teases from beside Kris. Kris ignores him because he hadn’t known he had been thinking out loud. Baekhyun has no right to tell Kris what to imagine anyway, not when his scream when a bug lands on him is higher than even Minjung can reach.


Kris never tells Lu Han why he spends an entire semester tagging along silently with Junhee whenever Lu Han tutors her in Mandarin. (Kris wasn’t Junhee’s tutor because he was a horrible teacher and Junhee made it hard to focus.)

It most definitely had nothing to do with Minjung revealing Junhee’s six month-long crush on Lu Han when she had first met him.


The first semester of Kris’ junior year, a year after they’d first started dating, Junhee had run into the arms of another guy, a guy almost as tall as Kris, with dyed ash blonde hair and a sweet smile, right in front of him. Junhee and the guy had fallen into their own world, Junhee lacing her fingers with the guy’s while they chatted happily.

Kris had walked like a robot to his class, having waited five long minutes before realizing Junhee had completely forgotten about him. She had caught up with him at the end of the class, the same guy still trailing behind her sleepily, and explained that his name was Kim Jongin, and he’d been her next-door neighbor at home ever since she was thirteen and Jongin was a tiny ten year old who followed her around like a puppy.

Ever since then, Jongin had been harmless and hadn’t really done anything to suggest he had any romantic relationship with Junhee, but Kris still couldn’t help but feel jealous whenever Jongin slung his arm around Junhee’s shoulders or Junhee let Jongin sleep on her lap.

But he was just a little jealous. Not a lot. He was still taller and more handsome than Jongin anyway.

Tags: group: exo-k, group: exo-m, pairing: luhan x xiumin, pairing: suho x kai, pairing: suho x kris, pairing: suho x sehun
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