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[ficlet] like you the best.

title→ like you the best
pairing(s)→ Kris x (girl) Suho (minor: Lu Han x (girl) Xiumin, Chen x (girl) Baekhyun)
length→ 1,925
summary→ Junmi makes the mistake of asking Baekhee and Jongdae how to play hard to get after finding out ridiculously attractive basketball team captain Kris Wu has a crush on her.

# original prompt: "Fem!Joonmyeon plays hard-to-get after she knew that the basketball captain has a crush on her."
# written for arin (as a secret santa for mizu-ryuu's 12 days of krisho)~ hope you liked it ♪
# not beta-ed, you’ve been warned! sorry for any mistakes or typos I missed.

Junmi doesn’t know if this is actually real. The extremely attractive and charming captain of the basketball team, Kris Wu, whose crush she’s known of for the past two weeks since Chanyeol mentioned it by mistake, is standing in front of her with a red face and had just asked for her number.

And she has to reject him.

Why did Baekhee make her pinky swear to follow her advice? She really wants to give Kris her number. He looks so cute smiling nervously, waiting for her answer. ‘Make him work for it, but don’t be rude,’ Baekhee had said, Jongdae nodding enthusiastically beside her. Junmi raises her hand to fidget with her shirt, but the annoying Baekhee in her head snaps at her to act confident in order to feel it. “Sorry, Kris oppa… Maybe later?”

Kris’ face immediately falls and he tries to discreetly slide his phone back into his jeans, but they’re too tight and he struggles for a moment before he manages to do so. Junmi watches with a heavy heart and bites her lip when he looks back at her. “How about… how about going out then? Are you free this weekend?”

‘You have to stay mysterious! If he asks you if you’re free, say no. But flirt with him a little! You don’t want him to think you’re not interested at all,’ Baekhee’s voice says in Junmi’s head. She didn’t have any plans for the weekend, unless spending the day curled up on her bed with a bunch of books and her iPod was considered a plan. Both Baekhee and Sena had informed her on multiple occasions that it didn’t. “That sounds like it would be fun, but I’m busy.”

The expression on his face is so adorably heartbroken that Junmi almost wants to take back her words, but she knows Baekhee will definitely get angry and make Junmi do something like get her the most expensive set of nail polish she could find because Baekhee did things like that when Junmi broke pinky swears, so she doesn’t. Kris raises his hand to tug at the cute tiny ponytail and tries again, even though he’s red to the tips of his ears and looks like he’s ready to bolt. “Are you… are you free any other time?”

Junmi doesn’t even have to review her schedule in her head to know she’s free for the next two weekends. Baekhee hadn’t told her anything about how to choose an appropriate time without seeming too desperate. Was a week too long? Two weeks? Junmi feels her own face getting red and she tugs on the edges of her shirt nervously, letting Baekhee’s voice hiss at her in her head for not being confident. “I have no idea. I’ll see you later, oppa!”


Junmi doesn’t see Kris again after ‘walking off confidently’ (which Baekhee and Sena had enjoyed a good, long laugh about) until two days later at lunch, when he ends up sitting beside her because of Baekhee’s blatant betrayal. Junmi woefully watches Baekhee walk off before Kris’ voice attracts her attention. “Junmi-ah?”

Baekhee’s voice has become a constant in her head. ‘Flirt with him a little! He’ll lose interest if you don’t give him any attention at all,’ and so Junmi turns and smiles at Kris when she meets his eyes. “Yes, oppa?”

“Did I surprise you the other day? I’m sorry,” He says softly, a little sadly, trying to keep the others from hearing. Junmi wonders if this is how kicked puppies would sound like if they were human, then makes a note to herself to get more sleep. Kicked puppies as humans, hah. She shakes her head a little and raises her hand to twirl a strand of her hair around her finger, but belatedly remembers she had tied her hair up earlier during art class. She pauses with her hand half-raised and Kris stares, bewildered, as she lowers it slowly and laughs shyly. Kris smiles, but he still looks extremely confused. “Junmi-ah, are you alright?”

Junmi makes a mental note to murder Chanyeol later. She wasn’t sure how, but she was certain that Chanyeol was the reason for everything bad in her life ever since she became friends with him. If he hadn’t mentioned Kris’ supposedly huge crush on her, she wouldn’t have been stupid enough to ask Baekhee and Jongdae, of all people, for advice on how to play hard to get. She clears her throat and looks down at her lap for a moment before she looks back up at Kris, her face red with embarrassment. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? Anyway, it’s alright. You didn’t surprise me, I really was busy.”

“Oh, that’s good. I got a little worried when you ran off,” Kris replies. He’s smiling now and Junmi wants to melt into the ground at how cute his smile is. “I wanted to ask you if you were free the weekend after next, but you didn’t give me a chance… so…”
Kris looks so hopeful that Junmi really didn’t think she could say no. She smiles back and nods. “That sounds okay. What do you have in mind?”

“I wasn’t sure, but maybe… maybe just dinner and walking around?” Kris says hesitantly, like he isn’t sure if Junmi would like it. She thinks it’s a little boring, but the thought of doing it with Kris makes it a lot less boring. “Is that okay with you?”

“Of course it is, oppa,” Junmi says with a smile. Sena, who’s sitting beside her, pinches right above her knee underneath the table, and she barely stops herself from jumping. She knows it’s a warning, but Sena would cover for her if she bought the lingerie Sena had been whining about wanting, so Junmi grabs her phone and smiles. “How about you give me your number?”

Kris happily obliges and Junmi bids him and the others goodbye after it, taking her tray with her. Later, while walking home, she tells Baekhee about the date, but doesn’t tell her about how much she’s looking forward to it. That can wait until she fulfills the pinky swear.


Junmi spends the next two weeks cursing the day she ever thought asking Baekhee and Jongdae for advice was a good idea. They give her conflicting advice that only serves to confuse Junmi, and most likely Kris too, even more. All their advice was ridiculous and Baekhee and Sena were having too much fun at Junmi’s expense whenever she recounted what happened on her dates with Kris.

Be confident, but don’t have a big ego. Junmi had rather awkwardly complimented her own grades when Kris had talked about having trouble with a class. They had stared at each other for the longest, most uncomfortable ten seconds of Junmi’s life before the waitress had placed their drinks down on the table and given Junmi an excuse to switch the topic to Kris’ favorite drink.

Don’t be clingy, but don’t be too cold either. Kris had offered to walk her home after a late-night date. Junmi actually did want him to, because she didn’t like walking alone at night. Usually, it would be Jongin or Chanyeol who she’d drag along to walk her home, but they were her friends and Kris wasn’t, so she had declined and told him she’d be alright on her own. He followed her just in case without telling her, which ended horribly when he tried to alert her to his presence by touching her shoulder. She had freaked out and kicked him in the groin, spended the next ten minutes apologizing and then told him to go home before running off.

Be interested, but leave him wanting more. Junmi hated this tip with a burning passion because she had been having so much fun letting Kris teach her how to play basketball during lunch, but Baekhee and Jongdae had brought their own food and tagged along to watch them, and Baekhee had made exaggerated time-out motions behind Kris’ back just when Kris was pressed up behind Junmi, her back to his chest, his hands on hers to show her the proper way to throw the ball. Pulling herself away to tell him she forgot she had homework she hadn’t finished, which was a blatant lie because she never forgot to do homework, was something she really hadn’t wanted to do. Baekhee told her she did well after following her out, but the disappointment in Kris’ frown had stayed with her all day.

Find a balance between playing hard to get and being open to love, but take it slow. Junmi really wanted to scream at Baekhee when she heard the final tip. There was no way she could take it slower than this! All of it was making her head ache. She tries to keep it straight in her head, but it only serves to make life harder. She knows for sure she can’t do it anymore after a really awkward date with Kris where she had tried to show him she cared while somehow maintaining her independence. (“I think you’re really nice, but you know, I take a lot of after school classes on my own” doesn’t sound any better out loud than it does in her head, just for the record.) After Kris drops her off at Lu Han’s apartment where Baekhee, Minjung and Jongdae were hanging out, Junmi stomps up the stairs and decides enough is enough.


“I’m done with your advice! It’s stupid and it isn’t working, it’s only making him confused all the time, and I can’t even blame him because I’m confused too!”

Minjung and Lu Han look amused at Junmi’s outburst, but Baekhee and Jongdae share a meaningful glance. Junmi watches in bewilderment as Baekhee triumphantly pulls out Jongdae’s wallet and takes a few bills from it before tossing it back at him, then realization dawns on her. Of course they would make a joke of her dating life, this was Baekhee and Jongdae after all. She knew she should have asked Minjung and Lu Han instead! If only they didn’t spend most of their time making out. Junmi walks over as calmly as she can and grabs the bills from Baekhee’s hand. “This belongs to me, since Kris and I entertained you so much with your stupid advice.”

To her credit, Baekhee doesn’t even try to take it back. She smiles innocently up at Junmi like making a bet on whether Junmi would follow ridiculous advice they probably found on the internet or not wasn’t a big deal. “You actually lasted even longer than we thought you would, unnie. Jongdae and Sena betted on only two tips, but I knew you had more determination than that!”

“I’m going to go find new friends, I don’t like any of you anymore,” Junmi says, stuffing the money into her bag before turning to leave. She makes it to the door before they burst into laughter, but she ignores them and leaves anyway. That Zitao kid who was on the basketball team with Kris was always really nice to her and he had a crush on Sena, she should go be friends with him…


(Junmi asks Kris to walk her home the next day and apologizes for her behavior during their past dates, explaining the advice Baekhee and Jongdae had given her and their bet. He looks amused, but not angry, and Junmi wants to kiss him when he tells her it’s alright and smiles at her, so she stands on her tiptoes and does just that.)

Tags: group: exo, group: exo-k, group: exo-m, pairing: suho x kris
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