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[drabbles/ficlets] random krisho au exploration + random rich kids au

# dee_fml and i's krisho feels led to what i call exploration of krisho in different aus. cough. they fit everywhere! also, an old random rich kids au bc exo really look like rich kids sometimes.
# all of them are not beta-ed, you’ve been warned! sorry for any mistakes or typos I missed.
# if anyone is interested, my random drabbles/ficlets tumblr where i post stuff before i feel it's enough to scrabble together into a drabble dump is here ^^♥

everywhere I look (it's you I see)
pairing(s)→ Kris x Suho
prompt→ miracle in december mv

this is the world where kris is a painter and junmyeon is his muse. they get into some sort of relationship and overstep too many lines and boundaries until there are none, until there is once again nothing between them. kris’ art deteroriates and junmyeon thinks of all the mistakes he’s made and how giving up the only good person in his life was the biggest.

this is the world where they both keep their promise to meet up on christmas at the place they’d first met, even though neither of them expected the other to keep it.

kris doesn’t ask anything, smile playing on his lips. junmyeon sees how the taller boy’s eyes keep drifting towards the small box junmyeon is holding, the couple rings they’d promised to get before that fight. kris is holding the canvas too close, away from the light, but junmyeon knows what it is. he slides the small gift box into his pocket and tries to ignore how heavy the words written in the tiny card feel. he’d never said them out loud. “why are you here, kris?”

“i could ask you the same thing,” kris replies. junmyeon can still read the amusement in his voice, the lightness of his tone. kris had always hidden his sadness well, but never his happiness. junmyeon wonders if he’s any better. he lets kris take a step closer to him and hold out the canvas so junmyeon can see it clearly, the painting kris had always promised to draw for him, and he lets out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. kris laughs and junmyeon knows now he’s definitely not any better, but it doesn’t matter, not anymore, not in front of kris.

steal another meal x3
pairing(s)→ Kris x Suho
notes→ three drabbles from exo as street rats au. kris and suho are the oldest street rats who keep picking up 'kids' and are in trouble with the local gang (aka suju cough). they like to play the denial game even though everyone thinks they're already together.

junmyeon has a certain favorite place out of all the places they’ve stayed at. these days, they never stay longer than two months, but it had taken a few times before they had learnt that the hard way. yixing still gets sick the end of every november like clockwork and jongin’s fear of loud noises wasn’t a remnant of childhood phobias.

before they had picked up anyone, when it had just been him and kris, they had found an abandoned storage basement. kris had dragged a dirty, old mattress over from an apartment building a block away, and they had washed it together before kris turned it into a water fight. junmyeon remembers laughing so much his face hurt, enough that it made the week-long flu they got from it worth it. they had made the place theirs, giving it bit by bit of themselves through stolen flower pots, fairy lights with half the bulbs broken and kris’ ‘artwork’ on the walls. they’d spent a year and a half there before they picked up yixing and it’d been too small, a place clearly only for two.

junmyeon never told kris, but he’d always kept the key. sometimes he goes back and sits on the bed and remembers the happiest days of his life. he’s happy now, but he’d never had to worry about eleven other boys back then, just one. he goes when they’re too much, when all of the others drown him in noise, attention and pushing and pulling. today, chanyeol had played guitar too loudly and sung like he wanted the entire city to know where they were, even when kyungsoo told him to stop, and jongin and sehun were bickering over something stupid he couldn’t even hear over chanyeol, with baekhyun having joined him, singing. he’s at the basement for barely ten minutes before kris joins him. they’re quiet for a few minutes before kris reaches over to take junmyeon’s hand. “i had to go in a couple of circles before remembering exactly which building this basement was in. it’s been a while.”

junmyeon lets kris hold his hand. they talk about how cold it used to get, how they’d share a bowl of steaming ddeokbokki between them on the nights when they’d managed to pick up enough coins from sidewalks, and the terrifying times when heechul and jongwoon went up and down their street, banging pipes against whatever made the most noise to scare them, heechul sing-songing ‘where are our little rats’, and then kris leans in a little like he wants to hug junmyeon but doesn’t, and junmyeon wants to turn and kiss kris but doesn’t, and silence falls. junmyeon remembers the nights kris used to get drunk from stale beer, but doesn’t talk about them. he would sit across from kris on the cold floor and listen to him sing old chinese songs, voice slurred but emotion all too loud. he had looked at junmyeon like he wished the words would translate themselves, and junmyeon had picked up a little mandarin from kris, but he doesn’t know enough to take apart the feelings tangled with the words. kris had kissed him in one of those nights and neither of them brought it up again, and kris had never come home drunk again. yixing had asked once why kris and junmyeon never drank together and junmyeon doesn’t know what to answer, so he shrugs. yixing would laugh if junmyeon said it’s because the only time he and kris are honest with each other is when alcohol loosens the restraints on their tongues and washes away the fear of going too far from their minds. (he doesn’t know kris had stopped drinking after that night, determined to make their second kiss worth it and not one that could be excused or ignored, but kris had never found the right moment until it had passed, the moment before junmyeon turns away when their eyes meet, the moment before junmyeon turns on the stove to cook packets of cheap instant ramyun for the kids, the moment before junmyeon stuffs a box of hand-written notes underneath a pile of clothes when kris comes into the room too quickly. he always realizes it too late.)

it’s hard to breathe, junmyeon realizes. he’s too familiar with the way sickness snakes its way around his body, sapping the strength out of his legs and arms, filling his stomach with pain and constricting around his throat. he lets the breath out slowly and leans his forehead against the rusted metal blinds, peeking out to the street. he’d been able to lose siwon and kyuhyun in the maze of alleys, but he doesn’t know where the others are and if they’d been able to lose their own pursuers. worry joins the pain and he wonders who had ended up chasing kris, if someone had helped kyungsoo and his busted ankle, if jongin’s interrupted nap meant that hyukjae would be able to catch him, if yixing had been able to fight off donghee who had managed to grab his arm, but two familiar voices calling for suho interrupt his thoughts and he focuses on the view outside once again.

relief makes his legs even weaker when he sees kris and yixing, looking around frantically while calling his fake name. them using his fake name meant they were afraid someone from the gang was still close. he pushes the door open, the hinges creaking loudly, and ignores the faint sense of danger still buzzing in his head, or he thinks, maybe it’s just the fever and his stomach that’s filled with nothing but thick air. his throat is too dry to even call out to them as he stumbles towards them, but he sees the way they both immediately notice him - yixing smiles and raises a hand to hide the dried blood on his cheek and the tension in kris’ body drains out as he takes wide strides towards junmyeon.

it takes all he has to keep walking towards kris, even when he feels like his legs are barely a part of him, numb and heavy. ‘you’re okay, you’re okay,’ he hears kris saying with happiness wrapped around his words. it’s only when he’s close enough to kris, as close as he wants kris to be, barely a step away, that he feels his strength betray him and he lets himself fall forward, his body trusting blindly in kris like he always has. the last thing he feels before he loses his battle with consciousness are kris’ arms around him, the warmth of kris’ body against his own, and then he falls.

take me (together with you)
pairing(s)→ Kris x female!Suho
notes→ inspiration drawn from this epm prompt, but not really following it properly. TT;

junhee groans when the doorbell rings, still in the middle of struggling with her shorts. she should have listened when kyungri had told her they were too small for her, but they had looked so good… she finally tugs them on at the same time she hears the door open. she stills for a moment when she hears kris’ voice greeting someone, but who? she groans again when she hears her father’s gruff reply. she takes a quick look at herself in the mirror, adjusts her blouse and dashes out to lean over the railing. “appa! could you please stop glaring at kris ge and let him up?”

"i’m not glaring at anyone who doesn’t deserve it," youngwoon answers, but junhee lets out a sigh of relief when he opens the door wider and lets kris step inside. she smiles brightly when kris looks up at her; he always looks at her like she’s perfect, even right now when her hair is still a mess and her face is flushed with exertion after the fight with her shorts. she ignores the annoyed remarks from her father under his breath, even though she knows kris is frightened by them by the way he’s standing stiffly, hands over each other and legs straight. "hi, ge. come upstairs, i’m almost done."

"what does he need to come upstairs for, then?" a new voice says behind her. junhee jumps when she feels a hand pinch her waist and turns to glare at her younger brother jongin. he raises an eyebrow when she places her hands on her hips defiantly. "because i said so! and it’s not like we’re gonna be able to do anything when i have a family like mine."

"there’s a reason why she likes kris ge better than all of us!" jongdae yells from the living room downstairs. he pauses before he yells again. "combined!"

it takes another ten minutes, in which sehun also joins the bickering and youngwoon manages to corner kris into some sort of strange kind of time-out on the last step of teh stairs, before junhee is finally able to escape kyuhyun’s interrogation long enough to grab kris’ hand and drag him up to her room. kris collapses on her bed as soon as she closes the door and locks it, ignoring jongin’s puppy-like whines at the door, and she can’t help but laugh. “sorry, gege. i thought at least two of them would be out… but apparently not.”

junhee picks up her hair brush and watches kris roll around on her bed through her mirror, holding back a smile. he was so tall and still managed to be so cute sometimes. jongin had stopped whining, but jongdae had taken his place by slipping notes of inappropriate jokes from under the door. she doesn’t have to look to know, because sehun is howling with laughter and he doesn’t laugh like that unless they’re dirty jokes. kris sits up and crosses his legs, pout on his lips. “your dad is shorter than me, but he’s so scary. he told me to sit on the stairs as punishment for coming to pick you up! and he wouldn’t listen when i told him we’ve already been dating for what, a year now? your family is never going to accept me, are they? even though i’m so handsome and nice…”

junhee laughs and ties back her hair as neatly as she can. kris doesn’t have to know that she’d overheard sehun and jongdae talking about how none of her ex-boyfriends had looked at her the way kris did. jongdae had said something about how kris’ eyes shined whenever he saw junhee, then laughed hysterically while sehun made a lot of gagging noises. even jongin liked kris, even though he never said it, because he’d never let even zitao into her room, but he had let kris after only three months of dating. kris had reached the ‘even my art is perfect’ part of his complaining, so junhee turns to him, deciding it’s time to interrupt. “come on, we’re already late. minah unnie called me ten minutes ago saying lu han ge already picked her up.”

a million won't do (not like you would)
pairing(s)→ Sehun x Suho
notes→ this is a rich kids au where half of exo are rich kids and the other half works for them in some way. i have everything in my head but only two drabbles. how sad.

"I feel like Geneva is a good idea," Sehun murmurs one morning, stirring sugar into his darjeeling tea. Joonmyun tears his eyes away from the cityscape he sees from where he's sipping coffee at the balcony, the cool Seoul air wrapping itself around him. Sehun's dreams seem to be filled with the world, none of them good enough to keep his attention for long, and he wakes up every week with a new city to go to. They've been to London twice in the past two months and they've just gotten home from a long stay in Milan, yet Joonmyun knows it's never enough to sate Sehun's need to fill up his life. "Lu Han hyung called from there and said it's nice."

Joonmyun is already rearranging meetings and making notes of events he has to excuse himself from in his head. Sehun would never know the true meaning of responsibility, but Joonmyun doesn't hold it against him, because it's not like he has many of his own. "How about letting your mom you're going this time? She was upset you didn't tell her we went to London both times we went."

"Time differences make it hard, okay?" Sehun scoffs, picking apart the butter croissant on his plate. He makes a face at the butter and crumbs on his fingers before looking up at Joonmyun, who hides his smile by taking another sip of his mug. "Let's call Kris hyung this time. Jongin's at a dance workshop in Los Angeles and his phone is off."

"Sure. I'll call him later, he's probably at work right now," Joonmyun answers. He sits in the stool across from Sehun and leans towards him, opening his mouth for the last piece of croissant Sehun's holding in his hand. Sehun raises his eyebrows before stuffing it in Joonmyun's mouth, rolling his eyes. "I'm only giving it to you because I'm full, you know."

"Of course," Joonmyun says as he chews, reaching over to take his cellphone from the counter to send Kris a message.

Incheon Airport has always felt like home ever since the time Joonmyun had sent him off alone to Rome in the summer of his 18th birthday, raising Sehun's boarding pass in front of their faces to give him the briefest of kisses. The final boarding call crackles over the speakers and Joonmyun pushes him towards the gate, smile gentle on his lips. The week he stays in Rome is not as bad as he will later claim, filled with events and tours arranged by Sehun's personal assistant, but it's too boring. He lets himself be lead along mindlessly and he keeps turning to the tour guide standing beside him, opening his mouth to say something to Joonmyun, but closing it when he remembers that Joonmyun's still in Seoul, in charge of some international business deal that Kris had arranged. Sehun spends the flight home sending e-mails back and forth with Lu Han on the plane's internet, still not quite over his annoyance that Joonmyun hadn't come with him, but he can't help the happiness that floods him when he finds Joonmyun standing at the arrivals hall. He forces his face into disinterest when he sees the 'Oh Sehun ♥' scrolling on Joonmyun's iPad screen. He walks along the barrier and Joonmyun follows him from behind it, mirroring his speed, until he's close enough to sling his arm around Joonmyun's shoulders. "You owe me so many dinners, you know.”

"I'm sorry I can't delay highly important international business deals to go sight-seeing with you in Rome," Joonmyun says teasingly, taking Sehun's passport away from his hand. "You can be my tour guide next time.”
Tags: group: exo, group: exo-k, group: exo-m, pairing: suho x kris, pairing: suho x sehun
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